Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence, commonly referred to as data analytics, allows your organization to examine raw data and turn it into logical insight and a competitive advantage.

In traditional construction – where ‘data’ is collected manually on clipboards, and forms are hand-written, copied and shared in manila folders – data analytics is a challenge. No more! Latista Field management technology allows you to automate activities from the job site and collect data using mobile technology. The business intelligence you need is no longer lost among sheets of paper and databases spread out among your team members.

Gain Insight
  • Monitor project performance with a comprehensive set of out-of the-box reports and dashboards
  • Ensure company-wide compliance through customizable reports that compare inspection data – not just inspection outcomes – across all projects
  • Deliver executive-level company performance insights on a project-by-project and region-by-region basis
Compare Multiple Projects
  • Standardize the collection of data across all your projects
  • Create, track, and act on cross-project benchmarks by comparing historical project performance data to active projects on the fly
Impact Your Bottom Line
  • Track issues and deficiencies with reports and data – and find out who is resolving issue quickly and who is not
  • Identify trouble areas before they cost you dollars
  • Spot trends while they happen so you can encourage or correct on the fly

The Latista App

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